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     *Maps are provided and funded by the Stephenville Study Club with contributions from the Stephenville Chamber of Commerce, City of Stephenville, and Tarleton State University. Special thanks to Study Club President Patricia Weldon for oversight of this historical map project!

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    1: Stephenville Museum Complex

    2: Crow House

    3: The Cage House

    4: Erath County Court House

    5: Crow Opera House

    6: First National Bank Building

    7: Cowboy Capital Walk of Fame Plaza

    8: Stephenville Public Library

    9: City Recreation Hall

    10: Erath Arches

    11: Trogdon House

    12: West End Cemetery

    13: Old Doc’s Soda Shop

    14: William T. Miller Grist Mill

    15: Dublin Rodeo Heritage Museum

    16: Dublin Historical Museum

    17: Ben Hogan Museum Early Commercial Building            

    18: Gallagher House

    19: Clairette Schoolhouse            

    20: East End Memorial Cemetery

    21: Mount Olive Cemetery/Cornelius Graves

    22: Bluff Dale Suspension Bridge

    23: J. F. Warnock Hardware

    24: Morgan Mill Tabernacle

    25/26:  W. K. Gordon Center / Thurber Smokestack


    Location Number on Map: 1

    Name: Stephenville Museum Complex

    Address: 525 East Washington St.

    Construction Date: Many

    Architect: See Individual

    Restoration Date: N/A

    Latitude: 32.22502

    Longitude: 98.198775

    The Stephenville Museum Complex
    , located at 525 E. Washington St., is made up of 6 individual museum buildings.

    The John Tarleton House was constructed in 1882. It is a wood frame board and batten residence with cross gabled galvanized steel roof, insert porch, wood sashed windows resting on a pier and beam foundation of wooden posts. Historic home of John Tarleton, the founder of Tarleton State University.

    The Center Grove School, constructed in 1896, is a single-story wood-framed school building with 2 large classrooms, hipped roof with galvanized steel sheer covering, horizontal wood siding, wooden double hung windows and hipped-roof front porch. It is the oldest school in Erath County.

    The Stephenville Church of 1900 is a Recorded Historical Texas Landmark. It was built in 1900 by William John Wilson, a local builder and church leader. It is a single story, white painted, wood framed church building with cruciform plan, hipped roof with composition shingles, wood siding, wood windows, and a prominent octagonal steeple. It was relocated from its original site on the 200 block of N. Columbia Street when threatened by construction of First Baptist Church and the Presbyterian Church started by Rev. John William Everds.

    The Berry Cottage is the oldest residence in Erath County. A Recorded Texas Historic Landmark, it was built in 1869 by J.J. Wyatt, and is a National Register Listing. The two story quarried limestone English cottage is complete with variants of gothic revival, uncommon in residential Texas, with two interior chimneys, a steeply pitched gable roof, originally detached stone kitchen, and flat roofed front porch. The yard is surrounded by pipe and wire prefabricated metal fence. Originally the home of Col. John Berry’s family from 189-1900, it has recently been restored by donations sponsored by the Stephenville Study Club.

    The Oxford House, also a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark, was built in 1899 by WJ Oxford, a local attorney, and originally used as a boarding house until it became a private residence after the 1920’s. It is a three story, wood framed Queen Anne style single dwelling with the third story cupola, second story balcony ground level wrap around porch, steeply pitched hipped roof, ornate spindle work trim.

    The Wolfe Nursery Sign was constructed in 1965 by architect Hugh Wolfe. The enamel metal advertisement was originally at Wolfe Nursery depicting a cartoon wolf counting a handful of bank notes.



    Location Number on Map: 2

    Name: Crow House

    Address:  396 E. Long Street, Stephenville, Texas

    Construction Date:  1892

    Architectural Description:  Cross gabled wood frame Queen Anne Style dwelling with cypress siding, fish scale shingles on gable ends, tall double hung windows painted blue and roofed with grey composition shingles.

    Latitude:  32.219704

    Longitude:  -98.19861



    Location Number on Map: 3

    Name: The Cage House

    Address: 144 E Long St.

    Construction Date: 1913

    Architect: Siguinet + Statts of Ft. Worth, Texas

    Restoration Date: N/A

    Latitude: 32.219012

    Longitude: 98.200082

    Description: Two story colonial revival residence with basement and hipped roof with red brick and white painted cypress wood siding. Merchant, rancher, and banker J.H. Cage bought the property in 1876 and moved into the existing house before the Cage house was built.

    The Cage House, built in 1913 by merchant, rancher, and banker J.H. Cage, is a two-story colonial revival residence with basement and hipped roof with red brick and white painted cypress wood siding. Cage bought the property in 1876 and moved into an existing house while The Cage House was under construction.



    Location Number on Map:  4

    Name:  Erath County Court House


    Address:  100 W. Washington Street, Stephenville, Texas

    Construction Date:  1892

    Architect:  J. Riely Gordon (original wood structure built 1856, destroyed by fire 1866)

    Restored:  1988

    Architectural Description:  Three story Romanesque revival Courthouse in cruciform plan with clock tower and basement constructed of locally quarried limestone and Pecos Red Sandstone.

    Latitude:  32.22015

    Longitude:  -98.202227

    Additional Markers on Property of same address:

    1.  Erath County Honor Roll:  Construction Date-1950- A granite monument of Pint Texas Granite jointly erected in west corner of Courthouse Square by Erath County American Legion Post 219, Dublin, Texas and American Legion Post 240, Stephenville, Texas.



    Location Number on Map: 5

    Name:  Crow Opera House


    Current Name:  Stephenville Chamber of Commerce

    Address:  183 W. Washington, Stephenville, Texas

    Construction Date:  c.1891

    Architect:  J. Riely Gordon

    Architectural Description:  Two-part commercial block with six bays and two storied quarried stone walls and hipped roof drain to rear; open space for auditorium on second floor and two commercial spaces on ground level for separate businesses, cast iron front.  This building housed Erath County National Bank with Dr. M.S. Crow as President.  Mrs. Crow suggested use of top floor for cultural events.  It held about 400 people.  It was the site of theatrical productions, dances, and town gatherings.

    Latitude:  32.220427

    Longitude:  -98.202744



    Location Number on Map: 6

    Name:  First National Bank Building

    The City of Stephenville’s first bank

    Address:  198 South Belknap, Stephenville, Texas

    Construction Date:  1889

    Architect:  J. Riely Gordon

    Architectural Description:  A two-part commercial block with 3 bays, 2 story walls constructed of quarried limestone in Romanesque Revival Style, having a turret on the east corner.  It is the earliest of 3 structures on the Stephenville Square.

    Latitude:  32.219712

    Longitude:  -98.202574



    Location Number on Map: 7

    Name: Cowboy Capital Walk of Fame Plaza

    Address:  Downtown Plaza Area, Stephenville, Texas

    Construction Date:  1988

    Architectural Description:  “Cowboy Capital Walk of Fame” is designed to recognize the significance of western heritage which is an integral part of Stephenville and the Surrounding area.  By honoring those outstanding individuals; both local and national, who have achieved worldwide acclaim, the “Walk of Fame” seeks to promote tourism.



    Location Number on Map: 8

    Name: Stephenville Public Library; Historic Name: Original Post Office

    Address: 174 N. Columbia

    Construction Date: 1935

    Architect: J. Riely Gordon

    Architectural Description: Two-story and basement poured reinforced concrete post office building in art deco style painted cream color with tan trim with flat roof that drains to northwest and south east sides.

    Latitude: 32.220278

    Longitude: 98.204024

    Description: While it is now known as the Stephenville Public Library, it has not always been a library. Constructed in 1935 by J. Riely Gordon, it was originally the first Post Office in the city. The two story art deco style building is built on reinforced concrete and painted cream with tan trim and a flat roof that drains to the North West and South East sides.



    Location Number on Map:  9

    Name:  City Recreation Hall

    Construction Date:  1938

    Architect:  None Listed- Works Progress Administration Dates 1936-1938 

    Architectural Description:  Two Storied Quarried Limestone walled Gymnasium

    Longitude: -98.203225

    Latitude: 32.217488



    Location Number on Map:  10

    Name: Erath Arches

    Address: 500 block of W. Washington St.

    Construction Date: 1936

    Architect: O.V. Head

    Architectural Description: Two mirror imaged quarried limestone monument, each consisting of two decorative arches that flank N. Erath Ave., at its intersection with W. Washington St., with bronze plaque sketching the life of George B. Erath. He was a protector of the Texas frontier, hero of San Jacinto, major in the Confederate army, member of the Texas Congress and Legislature. Erath County named in his honor

    Latitude: 32.21893

    Longitude: 98.205805

    Description: If you find yourself at the intersection of W. Washington St. and N. Erath Ave., keep your eyes open for the historical Erath Arches. The two mirror imaged quarried limestone arches are complete with a bronze plaque sketching the life of Major George B. Erath. Protector of the Texas frontier, hero of San Jacinto, major in the Confederate Army, and a member of the Texas Congress and Legislature, Erath County was named in his honor. It is a Registered Texas Historic Landmark.



    Location Number on Map:  11

    Name: Trogdon House; historic name: The Dean’s House

    Address: 1500 Military Dr. (on TSU campus)

    Construction Date: 1923

    Architect: J. Thomas Davis

    Architectural Description: Two-story, four-square residence with Mediterranean stylistic influence constructed with stone walls covered with stucco painted cream color and a hipped roof with ceramic tile covering. First occupant was J. Thomas Davis, credited with designing the house. He was the Dean of John Tarleton Agricultural College. The house was built by local and student workers at a cost of $8,000.

    Latitude: 32.216114

    Longitude: 98.216324

    Description: Located on the Tarleton State University campus, the Trogdon Hour, or the Dean’s House as it is historically known, is home of the Dean of the College. It was built in 1923 by local and student workers, but credit is given to its first resident, J. Thomas Davis, for designing the house. The two-story, four-square residence features a Mediterranean stylistic influence with stone walls covered with stucco painted a cream color and a hipped roof with ceramic tile covering.



    Location Number on Map: 12

    Name: West End Cemetery

    Address: 100 S. Lillian St.

    Construction Date: 1885

    Architectural Description: cemetery comprised of geometrically shaped sections of human burials beneath stone markers surrounded on three sides by a historic stone wall.

    Latitude: 32.213405

    Longitude: 98.216678


    The West End Cemetery was constructed in 1885 and is complete with geometrically shaped sections of human burials beneath stone markers. It is surrounded on three sides by a historic stone wall.


    Location Number on Map:  13

    Name:  W.P. Kloster Museum/Old Doc’s Soda Shop/Dublin Bottling Works

    Address:  105 East Elm/State Highway 6, Dublin, Texas

    Construction Date:  C.1881

    Architectural Description: The first Dr. Pepper bottling facility in the State of Texas              



    Location Number on Map:  14

    Name:  William T. Miller Grist Mill


    Address:  120 S. Park Street, Dublin, Texas

    Construction Date:  1881

    Architect/Builder:  Joe E. Bishop, Rockey Davis, “Old Frank” Hamilton

    Architectural Description:  Two Story Native stone building.  Steam power was used to grind grain here until a crude oil engine was installed in 1918.  The grist mill was converted to feed production after W.M. Wright and his son in law, Ted C. Robbins, purchased it in 1926.

    Latitude: N. 32 05.100W

    Longitude:  -98.20651



    Location Number on Map:  15

    Name:  Dublin Rodeo Heritage Museum

    Address:  118 W. Blackjack Street, Dublin, Texas

    Construction Date: 2004

    Architectural Description: The Rodeo Heritage Museum in Dublin, Texas, tells the nearly forgotten story of the beginnings of modern rodeo and the cowboys and cowgirls who put on the show. The backstory of the exhibit showcases the company that supplied rodeo stock and performers to some of the world's greatest rodeos for 22 years. During the early days of professional rodeo, the biggest rodeo company in America called Dublin home. In 1937, a young cowboy from Idaho, Everett Colborn, took over the company that managed the stock and performances in New York, Boston, and Chicago. Colborn's World Championship Rodeo hosted the most famous cowboy events in the world.



    Location Number on Map: 16

    Name:  Dublin Historical Museum

    Address: 116 W. Blackjack Street, Dublin, Texas

    Description: The Dublin Historical Museum, a collection of Dublin memorabilia and history courtesy of the Dublin Historical Society, has a mission – “to preserve, present and promote the history of Dublin, Texas.” The collection includes archival photographs, a church organ, antique signs, a wooden wagon, farming implements, a Big Little book collection, an antique paper doll collection and a Veterans room.  Open Daily 1-5 pm, Free Admission.



    Location Number on Map: 17

    Name: Ben Hogan Museum Early Commercial Building     

    Address:  E. Blackjack and S. Grafton, Dublin, Texas

    Construction Date:  1880

    Architect:  Builder – Joseph E. Bishop – son-in-law of Dublin Founder A.H. and Sarah Jane Dobkins              

    Restoration Date: 1943

    Description: Wood structure veneered/ 1895 with native stone



    Location Number on Map: 18

    Name:  Gallagher House

    Address: 261 N. Grafton Dublin

    Construction Date:  1895

    Description:  Two story classical revival Victorian 1907.  This Victorian residence built in 1895 for W.T. Leggett, manager of the Dublin Music Company.



    Location Number on Map: 19

    Name:  Clairette Schoolhouse     

    Address:  South Highway 6 Hico vicinity  

    Construction Date: 1876

    Restoration Date:  1912

    Description:  One room log house (1876), Two story (1912), one story porch with Tuscan columns



    Location Number on Map: 20

    Name:  East End Memorial Cemetery

    Address:  Hwy 281 one mile north of Washington Street (200-306 Morgan Mill Rd.)

    Latitude: 32.2426383

    Longitude: 98.3656018



    Location Number on Map: 21

    Name:  Mount Olive Cemetery/Cornelius Graves

    Address:  1106 S. College Farm Road, Stephenville, Texas

    Construction Date: 1922

    Description: Established in 1922 when several graves of African Americans were exhumed and relocated from the West End Cemetery in Stephenville (believed to be about 24 bodies).  The first actual burial was Wallace Howell on May 5, 1922.  The City of Stephenville began maintaining the care of this active cemetery in 1972.  Cornelia Graves was born in 1875 in Dallas, Texas. She was the youngest of nine children. She taught and was principal at the school that was named to honor her.  She died in 1961 in Dallas.



    Location Number on Map: 22

    Name:  Bluff Dale Suspension Bridge

    National Register Listing/State Antiquities Landmark

    Address: Berry’s Creek Road (SH10)

    Construction Date: 1895

    Restoration Date: 1934 Bridge was moved 1 ½ miles upstream to provide long needed crossing foe the farmers and ranchers of the area.

    Description:  11” by 225 Feet. The bridge has seven cables running length on each side. The primary structure of the bridge is comprised of 9-inch pipes and 4 by 8-inch steel girders.  The roadway consists primarily of 2 by 12-inch lengths of lumber.  The bridge has two runners, approximately 3 feet wide each, for automobile tires which run the length of the bridge.



    Location Number on Map:  23

    Name:  J. F. Warnock Hardware

    Address:  147 N. Greenwood St., Bluff Dale, Texas

    Construction Date: 1915

    Description: Brick parapet, wooden storefront, transom windows



    Location Number on Map:  24

    Name:  Morgan Mill Tabernacle

    Address:  Corner of US Hwy 281 and FM 1188

    Construction Date:  1910

    Latitude:  N 32.23287

    Longitude:  W 098.10075

    Description:  The community of Morgan Mill, named for early settler George Bryan Morgan, traces its history to the mid-19th century.  A post office was established in 1877.  Several community congregations shared a brush arbor in the summer for revivals and other meetings.  In 1910, the brush arbor was replaced with this permanent structure and named the Morgan Mill Tabernacle.  In addition to serving the churches, the Tabernacle was used by the local school and other community organization.  It remains in use as a community gathering place.



    Location Number on Map: 25/26

    Name:  W. K. Gordon Center / Thurber Smokestack

    Address:  65258 Interstate 20 / 239 PR 741, Mingus, Texas

    Architect: Texas Pacific Coal Mining Company

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