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    Considering a career in truck driving? We would love for you and your family to continue Western Dairy Transport's 50+ year heritage of customer-driven bulk milk delivery! Paid, on the job training is available along with competitive pay, benefits, new technology and a rich culture of safety, service, integrity and community.

    We are looking for drivers in the Stephenville & Dublin area. Home daily. $1200 - $1500 a week. We are part of the critical infrastructure and this is a very secure career opportunity. Join our team and make a difference, by helping to bring our local milk to market for processing.

    For more information please contact Roy Hayes at 254-485-5426. 

    Driver Intern Program - Portales NM and Stephenville TX

    Stephenville, TX 76401, USA Req #78
     Tuesday, June 1, 2021


    The Western Dairy Transport Internship Program provides an opportunity to persons who lack the experience and training to obtain a commercial driver's license. This opportunity will help them become familiar with all aspects of a driver's position.
    Participant expectations are:
    1.Work an assigned schedule and be on time.
    2.Take and pass an initial pre-employment drug and alcohol test and later be subject to random testing.
    3.Check with your supervisor before taking time off or missing work.
    4.To learn and follow the rules of each progression safely.
    5.Progression will be approved by a satisfactory report from your supervisor of your duties learned and performed.
    6.If a supervisor does not approve your progressions or the Intern cannot complete training, testing, or safety practices, WDT can terminate the internship.
    Your supervisor will regularly document progression by evaluation forms and four qualification tests per phase.
    The progression will be structured as follows:
    Phase One: Driver Intern
    1.The Intern will learn to wear the proper personal protection equipment, fueling techniques, tractor sanitation, and communication with the drivers.
    2.The Intern will learn to perform a daily visual inspection of trucks, trailers, and proper tire inflation. The Intern should also learn to properly document and report repairs needed on equipment.
    3.The Intern will learn USDOT equipment rules and make minor repairs under supervision. During this process, the Intern will also learn the minimum standards for an annual inspection and be familiar with adjusting brakes.
    4.The Intern will be proficient in duties assigned to the Safety Lane and begin training on terminal tractor procedures and yard traffic management.
    Phase Two: Driver Intern
    1.WDT will formally train the Intern in the safe operation of the terminal tractor. Training will include Pre-trip, unit operation, coupling trailers, and shuttling of trailers for receiving bay & delivery.
    2.The Intern will learn wash bay and CIP procedure as well as customer manifest and load management.
    3.The Intern will certify in wash tag and wash chart management, handling hazardous chemicals, and confined spaces training.
    4.The Intern will show proficiency in all aspects of wash bay and CIP. The Intern will then begin learning loading procedures at dairy farms and unloading procedures at milk processing customers.
    Upon successful completion and recommendation from your previous supervisors, and after reaching age 21, you will continue to the RCTA driver training school in Bryan, Texas. The Intern will then attend a six-week entry-level driver program that will result in a Class A CDL and a tank endorsement.
    After Class A CDL with tank endorsement is obtained, the Intern phase will transition to the Driver Apprentice phase. The Driver Apprentice will complete up to 10,000 training miles with a qualified driver trainer. The Driver Apprentice will then transition to a Journeyman Driver status.
    The Journeyman Driver is restricted to operate in specified rural farm routes. Driver Trainers will evaluate progression every 30 days and provide an additional 3,000 to 6,000 miles of training. Upon completing one year as Journeyman Driver, WDT will promote the participant to a qualified WDT Driver.

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