• Knockdown/Alt.Slicer

    Schreiber Foods
    Job Description
    • Red Nights 7p-7a
    • Slice
    Title of Immediate Leader: 
    • Slice Team Leader/Team Advisor
    Position Purpose: 
    • Supply the various lines with a sufficient supply of cheese to prevent downtime.
    •  Main job duties would include knockdown and alt. slicer duties.
    • Follow and maintain all related PCP’s and GMPs.
    • Facilitate quick changeovers, maintain housekeeping, assist in cleaning, emptying trays and tubs, sealing and weighing barrels, and assisting where needed.
    • Other duties may be assigned.
    • Overtime required based on Capacity and/or Non-Capacity needs.
    • Would receive slicer pay when performing slicer duties during absences or vacations.
    •  Work with Leaders and fellow partners to ensure Food Safety and Partner Safety.
    • Understand and execute standard operating procedures relative to position.
    • Perform all PCP and CCP checks required for position.
    • Follow reaction plan for Food Safety, Food Quality and customer requirement outages and by contacting TA/TL.
    Essential Functions:
    • Open 640’s, 40 # blocks, and 1200-pound totes for use on the various productions lines. Remove plastic lining, clean off mold, and cut to manageable size.
    • Maintain housekeeping. Empty cardboard tubs and other trash into their proper receptacles when necessary. Operate trash compactor. Scrape cheese. Seal, weigh, sticker and move barrels to appropriate location.
    • Stack steel cartons, wood side tops and bottoms, build wood boxes for shipping spring and steel parts in, and band or shrink wrap all materials into safe manageable stacks or bundles.
    • Learn how to operate and setup trim barrels. Must learn to scan cheese and trim properly and fix harp blades, wires, buckets, rods, and pins.
    • Assist in color, size and style changes, remove product, empty trays and tubs and assist in cleanup of equipment.
    • Maintain Process Control Points, record data accordingly.
    • Ascertains the days production supplies such as raw material(s), labels, film, and boxes.
    • Runs line breaks, operators breaks and/or vacation.
    • Reads production order or follows oral instructions to determine cheese type, style and packaging material required.
    • Sets specifications as indicated by the product, package size, labeling needs and production order. Operates switches on the control panel to start, stop, and fine tune the machine.
    • Assist with preventative maintenance of slicer, wrapper and labeling equipment
    • Understands duties and responsibilities for all positions on the line (Slicer, Wrapper/QA, Knockdown, Autocaser, Spotter, Makeweight, Heavy Utility) and can demonstrate proficiency in each of them. Assist in operations as needed including general sanitation and a portion of the QA responsibilities
    • Assist in development and implementation of SOP’s, PCP’s and GMP’s
    • Non-Essential Functions: (Occasional duties not included above).
    • Work to correct unsafe conditions.
    • Work to correct unsanitary conditions.
    • Continue to improve productivity, raw material waste, and service (TQC2).
    • NOTE: If you change shift, and/or department you must reschedule your vacation accordingly.
    • High School Diploma/G.E.D.
    • Must be able to demonstrate the ability to perform the essential and non-essential tasks related to the job. Successful partners must follow and maintain PCP’s, PPE’s, and safety procedures. Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.
    • Must have excellent communication skills.
    • Teamwork (help with forklift, cutter, and staging trim)
    • Willing to perform duties assigned and manage multiple priorities.
    • Interpersonal Relations
    • Deductive Logic
    • Dependable (good attendance)
    • Goal Oriented (desire to improve)
    • Adaptable
    • Leadership
    • Hard Working (self-motivated)
    Physical Demands:
    • Stand 35%
    • Walk 20%
    • Trim Dumping 20%
    • Forklift Use 5%
    • Lift/Carry up to 50 pounds 10%
    • A 401(k) plan that includes up to an 8 percent Schreiber match and has been recognized as Best-in-Class for companies with 5,000-plus employees.
    • Competitive medical, prescription drug, dental and vision benefits without a waiting period, including second-opinion medical consultation with specialists
    • Wellness resources, including a fitness reimbursement program and access to an interactive personalized online wellness program
    • Paid vacation and holidays
    • Professional growth and development opportunities through training and our Education Assistance Program
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