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    Scott Pole Line, LLC
    Job Description
    Scott Pole Line is currently looking to add a Groundman to their team!

    To assist line crew or network crew members by working on the ground, handing tools and heavy materials to workers.  Dig holes and pad ditches, and perform other similar work in connection with the construction and maintenance of overhead and underground power lines. 

    Primary Position Responsibilities: 
    • Passes tools to line crew by acting as a general helper on the ground.  Handles cables, conduit and other materials as directed.  Glues conduit together.  Assists in setting transformers.
    • Assists line crew with setting poles by shoveling or piking: fills anchor holes.
    • Clears undergrowth from right-of-way by using hand tools or saws.  Piles debris to clear path.  Performs general clean-up of job sites following completion of work.
    • Positions reels of electric cable beside trenches and lays heavy residential underground distribution (URD) cables in ditches and pads by shoveling fine sand around cable.
    • Assists network crew topman with lowering and raising molten metals and other heavy materials to the cable splicer working below in the vault.
    • Operates roto hammer to access vaults.
    • Notifies customers of impending disruption of service while lines are under repair.
    • Flags traffic to protect employees and the public from injury.
    • May assist in operating jackhammer or digging bars to break concrete or rocks as directed.  May drive ¾ -ton or 1 -ton pickup truck to job site or to obtain supplies.
    • Prepare and assemble various line apparatus required for particular work being performed.
    • Assist with washing and maintaining equipment in proper working order.
    • Assist with cleaning protective equipment (hot sticks and rubber goods).
    • Use of various hand and power tools.
    • Prepare pole mount transformers and assist with installation.
    • Performs other duties and activities as directed, including working in an office environment.
    Minimum Requirements:
    Requires good mechanical and electrical aptitude; communication skills and electricity training are helpful.  Requires valid commercial driver’s license.  Ability to communicate with others and to assimilate and understand information, in a manner consistent with the essential job functions.  Ability to make sound decisions, work outside regular scheduled hours, and to be available for emergency work.

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