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    Borges Media Double Ad Space
    Digital Ad Time Special
    Borges Media is so grateful for the businesses in Stephenville and we are excited to announce a special opportunity for our valued chamber members!  
    Double Ad Package, which means, DOUBLE AD time on our digital on the South Loop, when space is available!
    Digital billboards are a highly effective and eye-catching way to promote your products, services, or upcoming events. With our vibrant display, it has the power to capture the attention of thousands of potential customers every day.
    Here are the details:
    - Standard Package: We provide advertising on both sides of the location for a total of 52 times per hour. With this special, you would receive a gratis ad spot with the same ad time, making your ad time up to double while space is available. The minimum commitment is a 6 month agreement. This is a fantastic opportunity to maximize your marketing budget and increase your brand visibility. Please note that this special offer is available per gratis, meaning space is provided when space is available.
    - Customizable Campaigns: Tailor your advertising campaign to suit your specific needs. Whether you want to promote a limited-time offer, announce a grand opening, or simply increase brand awareness, our team will work with you to create a compelling and visually appealing ad. 
    - Flexible Duration: Choose the duration of your digital billboard campaign based on your marketing objectives. Whether you prefer a short-term burst or a longer-term presence, we have options to accommodate your needs.
    Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your advertising efforts and increase your business's visibility.
    Contact Information
    phone: (254) 431-2844
    Offer Valid: November 15, 2023December 31, 2023
    Stephenville Chamber of Commerce
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